“Seaspiracy” Is a Must-See Documentary

There’s a new documentary out that I urge you all to see. It’s called Seaspiracy, and it’s streaming now on Netflix.

Seaspiracy uncovers the ways in which humans are exploiting the Earth’s oceans, wiping out marine life, and depleting the planet’s largest source of breathable oxygen. It turns a sharp eye on the practices of hunting and killing the largest and smallest creatures in the sea, asking how, if at all, they can endure into the future, or if we’re doomed to wipe out an entire ecosystem by the middle of this century.

Scenes of “sustainable” whaling practices, in which fishermen reduce a pod of pilot whales to beached mounds of flesh, follow shots of “sustainably” farmed fish packed into floating cages being eaten alive by insects before they show up in your supermarket’s meat case. So, too, we see the waters of Japan’s infamous Taiji Cove churn red with the blood of the 23,000 dolphins and porpoises slaughtered there each year by hook- and club-wielding fishermen.

Check out the movie trailer here, then please go to Netflix to see Seaspiracy.