Career Updates

I am very excited to announce that I have just signed a contract with one of the biggest literary agencies in the United States.   The Trident Media Group, (, will now represent me for all of my literary needs.  This includes negotiations for my auto-biography and any subsequent movie and/or TV deals.
When my book finally gets released, I am looking forward to seeing all of you during my US book tour!!  I’ll keep you posted as to the cities I will be signing my book.
So stay tuned!!  I will keep you all posted right here!!

I started working at the age of three, appearing in more than 200 TV episodes and movies, and probably as many commercials, and that’s just before I was out of my teens. I then had a very rewarding second career as a registered nurse, and I am very proud of my third career as an advocate for animal rights. It’s been a busy life but it hasn’t always been a happy one. In fact, there has been a great deal of pain and heartache along the way. I hope you’ll read my story when it’s published. Thanks! Pamelyn

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